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Ten Point to Consider When Choosing the Perfect HealthCare Person for You

By Dr Joanna Schultz

Have you ever been faced with the dilemma of choosing a healthcare practitioner quickly?  Maybe due to injury or illness that was unforeseen.  Maybe you have moved to a new city?  Perhaps your current healthcare team isn’t providing the results that you need.

The following guideline will help in the decision making process.  Below is a list of things to consider when choosing your healthcare practitioner or team.  This is a short list and may not include everything you might consider.  Use it as a starting point in your selection process.

1) Is the location convenient for you?  Is parking easily accessible?

2) Can you easily see the practitioner or someone on the healthcare team?

3) Is there a team approach to care?  Do they offer multiple services?

4) Does the practitioner have a good listening ear?  Do you feel rushed when speaking about your injury or ailment?

5) Does the team make you feel comfortable when asking questions?

6) Is the team knowledgeable about the industry?  Do they keep up to date on training?

7) Does the team admit if they aren’t sure about the answer to your question? Or do they try to be a specialist in everything?

8) Does the team offer a variety of treatment techniques?

9) Will you receive a plan for home care?

10) Could you see yourself referring a friend to the office?

Considering all of the above points will help you when choosing the best practitioner for you.  It is always helpful when that practitioner is part of a team approached to care.  Your treatment plan will likely involve the services or knowledge of others that are a part of that healthcare team.  Your health is an important part of life’s many choices.  Make the wise choice.  Plan ahead, ask questions before you make that appointment and ask your friends for a referral.  Chances are someone you know has found the perfect practitioner already.