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Injury Prevention Class for Runners

Monday nights 615-715PM runners are welcome to come and learn how to make running a part of their life for the long haul while staying healthy and getting stronger.  The course is led by our Registered Massage Therapist, Larissa, who is also triathlon coach and a 3x Ironman finisher.  Participants can expect to work a little and unwind a little.  The course will cover strengthening, stretching and recovery based activities.  Please come in light workout clothes/shoes, a foam roller and bring a yoga mat.

Courses can be purchased as a 6 week block or individually

Next block Nov 6-Dec 11 - $50+HST or $95+HST including a foam roller

Individual classes - $10+HST

Reserve your spot by phone 905.632.0462

Fueling your Performance

Coming soon to HQ!  We are excited to announce new online interactive learning courses are coming.  The first course will be starting Nov 13 - "Fueling your performance".  This course will be all about how to turn your food into fuel for the benefit of athletic performance.  Athletes of all ages are invited to learn from the comfort of your own home through your computer/phone/tablet.

Participate live to ask questions 730-830 PM.

Course registration OPEN NOW - click here

Week 1 (Nov 13)

  • Understanding food choice, the why of what we eat
  • How is sport nutrition different
  • Hydration and electrolyte balancing

Week 2 (Nov 20)

  • Physiology of how food becomes energy - Energy Metabolism
  • Introduction to the macronutrients; carbohydrates, fats & protein

Week 3 (Nov 27)

  • How to estimate energy expenditure - Calorie Needs
  • All about carbohydrates and their different types
  • Understanding glycogen

Week 4 (Dec 4)

  • Protein needs and types
  • Fat; the good, the bad and the ulgy

Week 5 (Dec 11)

  • Nutrient Timing
  • Building off knowing what to eat a focus on when to eat it
  • Keeping the gut happy for performance

Week 6 (Dec 17)

  • Targeted Performance Enhancers
  • Key vitamins and minerals of concern
  • Sport supplements efficacy